Experiencing the everyday science

Baylab Bulgaria

Baylab Bulgaria gives the young researchers an opportunity to experience the science behind their daily activities: how an effervescent tablet works, how the clothes are made colorful, how much vitamin C is contained in various fruits and why some insects can float on water.


Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna






approximately 1,500 visitors per year (6 to 14 years)

Thematic Focus:

In Bulgaria, the young students learn how the chemistry and biology of nutrition and health works through short experiments. Using a "lava lamp," they discover how an effervescent tablet works and how much vitamin C different fruits contain. While isolating DNA from bananas they learn about the cells and what stands behind genetics.

Background and History:

The project started as couple of science lab sessions per day during a week and for several years, it evolved into several weeks with whole day sessions in three locations in Bulgaria. In partnership with third party science organizations additional sessions have been opened during the weekends. The experiments are developed in a way to be more interactive and exciting.