Do-it-yourself Experiments in Argentina

Baylab Argentina

Baylab Argentina makes every classroom a laboratory. With science kits and related training, it enables teachers to provide experiment-based learning with their classes.


Prov. Buenos Aires (Vicente Lopez, Pilar, Chacabuco, Chivilcoy, Las Heras, Pergamino, Pehuajó, Olavarría, Lincoln, etc.), Prov. Entre Ríos, Prov. Córdoba, Prov. Salta




primary 2016, secondary 2018


approximately 25,500 students per year (1st to 6th grade) + 4,500 students from agro-technical schools

Thematic Focus:

Children can learn and understand sciences much better when knowledge is linked to experience. Therefore, the Baylab initiative supports Argentine teachers with kits for science experiments , so they can conduct instructional experiments with their pupils. Kits for children from 1st to 6th grade make focus on Science, Agricultural and Health education. Meanwhile Kits for secondary agro-technical schools are focused on Earth Science (soil, atmosphere and biosphere). In addition to materials, Bayer provides teachers with advice in carrying out these experiment-based lessons promoting education through inquiry and STEAM education.

Since mid-2018 Baylab Argentina is also present in a Science Museum (Buenos Aires) with open and free workshops called “Food and DNA”. These workshops will continue in 2019 with 4 sessions per month.

Background and History:

Baylab Argentina is the first and only Baylab on the South American continent.