Student Lab on Wheels

Baylab South Africa

In South Africa, the Penreach Baylab is on the road. With their truck loaded with teaching materials, the employees head for the disadvantaged schools in the Mpumalanga region. The main focuses are mathematics and natural sciences.


Mpumalanga region


South Africa




approximately 50,000 students

Thematic Focus:

Provide access to education and improve the quality of teaching – that’s the main goal of the initiators of Baylab South Africa, working with the Penreach whole school development program. For this purpose, they load a truck with scientific equipment and teaching materials. Employees prepare the content with state-of-the-art teaching methods for the participants of this mobile Baylab. In addition, the students learn how to study properly. Basic computer skills are another important aspect in Baylab South Africa.

Background and History:

The first Baylab on the African continent is operated jointly with the Penreach whole school development program in South Africa. It is also the first fully mobile Baylab.