Motivation & Objectives

Why “Baylabs”? Education as Key to the World

Bayer is convinced that scientific knowledge is essential to face future challenges.


For this reason, the company focuses not only on its own research activities but also on the general promotion and strengthening of education and research. The aim is to get young people interested in and excited about our topics, and to encourage them to take part in these disciplines. To enable them to have their first contact with this world, to promote their joy of discovery and to support them in developing their individual skills.


Through our worldwide Baylab programs, and along with international and local partners, we want to provide sustainable improvements and lasting benefits for the communities of our sites.




The company is thus contributing to the goal of the Global Sustainability agenda of the United Nations, which is to ensure that by 2030 education is provided on a fair and inclusive basis worldwide.

The Baylab student laboratories are an addition to the school, promoting the fun of discovery and thus linking scientific understanding with their immediate experience.


What‘s happening at Baylabs?

Supplement School Lessons
  • Opportunities to experiment for children and young people of all ages in the fields of biology, chemistry and medicine
  • Encouraging a comprehensive perspective: integrating bioethics, exploring societal connections, considering fundamental questions, including: How does science work?
  • Understanding new technologies and their applications


Enabling Opportunities for inclusive Participation
  • Special programs for children and young people in integration classes and special schools
  • Baylab serves as a partner for regional educational initiatives (e.g., the START Foundation for newly-arrived youth in Germany, talent programs, bioethics projects)


Offering Teacher Support
  • Training courses (e.g. on Pharmaceutical Research, Gene Editing)


Science Adventures!
  • Science Vacation Programs
  • “Global Baylab Day”: A science festival in all Baylabs worldwide