First Baylab outside Germany

Baylab Mexico

How much vitamin C does different fruit contain? Junior researchers at Baylab Mexico discover the answer to this and many other nutrition-related questions.
Two student laboratories are located in the "Papalote" museums in Mexico City and Monterrey. The Baylab in the "Universum", the museum of the Sciences of the National University UNAM, opened in early 2017.


Mexico City, Monterrey




2011, 2017, 2018


approximately 40,000 visitors per year (ages: 4 years+)

Thematic Focus:

How much vitamin C does different fruit contain? Within 45 minutes, young visitors to Baylab Mexico receive answers to this and many other exciting nutrition-related questions.

Background and History:

Mexico City was the first international Baylab location. For the Mexican Baylab, the concept behind the Leverkusen Baylab was specifically adapted.
More than 300,000 people have visited the three Baylabs in Mexico so far: the Baylab in the "Papalote" children's museum and in the "Universum", the science museum of the important national university UNAM, both in Mexico City, and the Baylab in the "Papalote" in Monterrey, an important industrial city in the north of the country.