Science & joy together hand in hand

Baylab Romania

From the starch that exists inside a potato, to food digesting inside a human stomach – Baylab Romania covers a wide range of topics.


Five cities in Romania & one city in Republic of Moldova


Romania & Moldova




approximately 4,500 visitors per year (6 to 12 years old) – 9,000 expected in 2019

Thematic Focus:

Health and nutrition are the focus of Baylab Romania. There, children learn how an effervescent tablet works, how we digest food, and they investigate the starch content of a potato. They can also watch a plant feeding itself and absorbing water through its roots. The sessions with a hands-on approach, split on individual and team activities, are highly appreciated by children because they can perform experiments by themselves, under the careful guidance of teachers and Bayer’s volunteers.

Background and History:

While in 2014, it started as a pilot project (one week, 4 hours/day), in 2016 it lasted for one month in Bucharest, in 2017 we enhanced it via adding four more locations throughout the country and in 2018 we have added another city (Chișinău) in Republic of Moldova.