The fifth German Baylab site opens in Bergkamen!

This week the Baylab in Bergkamen opened its doors with a holiday program for young people from the 7th - 9th grade. Along with Wuppertal, Berlin, Monheim and Leverkusen, it is the fifth Baylab student laboratory in Germany. more

"Científicos del Mañana": Tomorrow’s Scientists in Argentina

The project "Bayer, Científicos del Mañana" ("Bayer, Tomorrow’s Scientists") was drafted three years ago. It was a big challenge to implement Baylab in Argentina if you think about the vast extensions to reach all students. Argentina with 2.78 million km² is almost 8 times bigger than Germany. more

Baylab 2017 – We Say Thank You!

Over the course of 2017, more than 100,000 children and young people embarked on a voyage of discovery in the many different programs at the global Baylab student laboratories on class trips or during the vacations. more

Discovering science around the globe

Science can be discovered anywhere in the world – so Baylabs around the globe opened their doors for the Global Baylab Day in November 2017. From Mexico to Berlin, visitors delved into all kinds of research activities and marveled at what they discovered, with one thing becoming very clear – a thirst for knowledge brings people together. more

Global Baylab Day 2017

What does your DNA look like? What is nature? And what is “your” color? Discover your skills and become a researcher at our #GlobalBaylabDay on Sunday, the 12th of November. more

Second Baylab Bus in South Africa!

In South Africa, a mobile Baylab has been visiting disadvantaged schools in the Mpumalanga region since June 2016, as part of a collaboration with the Penreach education program. more