What Cola and Vinegar Have in Common

Baylab Berlin

Berlin’s Bayer Pharma location was the second Baylab site after Wuppertal. Since 2008, young researchers have been able to gain their first laboratory experiences here.
At Baylab Berlin, professional researchers use everyday chemistry to arouse enthusiasm for natural sciences. Therefore, young guests learn the pH value of cola and how sour the drink actually is. In addition, they discover what curry actually consists of and how cold ice can be. 








approx. 400 per year (5th to 9th grade)

Thematic Focus:

Young researchers can learn about the chemistry behind everyday phenomena at Baylab Berlin. For example, young guests investigate the components that make up the spice mix curry. In physical experiments, students learn how cold ice can be. Additionally, the young scientists analyze the pH of cola – and they discover that the drink is just as acidic as vinegar.

Background and History:


Berlin was the second Baylab - it opened ten years after Baylab Wuppertal.


School Projects

The program of Baylab Berlin is offered at regular intervals, mainly in spring and autumn, for students in the 5th – 6th grade and the 8th – 9th grade. It covers about one school day (08.45 am – 01.00 pm), requires no prior knowledge and involves the whole class.



For registration please contact Mr. Martin Rimkus (+49 30 468-12408).

Vacation Projects

9th – 10th grade




During the summer vacation, three-day "Natural Science Trial Days" are held for interested young people from grades 9 to 11.


Date 2020

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