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Baylab Bergkamen

In Berkamen, Bayer's largest production site for active pharmaceutical ingredients, the success story of the Baylabs continues. The long-standing tradition of inviting students to the production site has been extended with the Baylab to include new interesting projects.








approx. 800 per year (5th to 13th grade)

Thematic Focus:

The workshops in the handicraft sector, the training laboratory and technical centre offer the opportunity to take the first real steps into the world of science and technology or into a later working world. Visitors can get to know chemical processes and production plants, examine substances, produce preparations, process metallic materials and control plants - which activities are hidden behind these terms, to which professions do they belong? Find out!

Background and History:


In Bergkamen, it is a long tradition to give school groups exclusive insights into chemical and technical processes. With the Baylab, the location now wants to adress even more inquisitive people.



School Projects

The little ones get to know science and technology in a playful way.


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The Baylab program in Bergkamen is offered on a regular basis to students of all grades. It covers about one school day, requires no prior knowledge and involves the whole class. Contents by arrangement. Students of the 8th and 9th grades receive support in career orientation. Young people in the tenth grade can complete day internships with their class. All those interested also have the opportunity to apply for obligatory and voluntary student internships in Bergkamen.


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Vacation Projects

12 – 15 years


During the summer vacation, four-day Baylab "Researcher Days" are held for young people aged 12 to 15.


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