The Baylab Story

Bayer and School

The commitment to education in Germany is based on three pillars:

  • In addition to the various Baylabs,
  • Bayer promotes innovative projects at schools through the Bayer Science & Education Foundation. As a result, scientific education becomes more attractive.
  • In addition, for decades the company has been a partner in the students´ competition "Jugend Forscht," a German competition for student research in the natural sciences.

An international project within Bayer´s educational promotion is the initiative "Making Science Make Sense". In the US, where the initiative started in 1995, Bayer employees regularly visit primary schools on a voluntary basis. There, they support science lessons with exciting experiments.

“Many academic materials that the students knew from the classroom became really clear only through this experience in a student lab.“

Biology Teacher at a Gymnasium (High School) in Wuppertal, Germany; Baylab Wuppertal